It all started a few years ago when one of our club members, Marc Moeskops wanted to organize a special game, for youth archers. After some internal evaluation, a few KSM members where found to co-organize this event.

Due to our connection with a Dutch archery club, called Rozenjacht, with lots of experience, organizing such a Face 2 Face event successfully in the past, we asked them to work together. They had lots of experience, while we have the infrastructure available.

Every year we can use the sport complex, thanks to the municipality of Merksplas.

Organizing such an event is quit expensive, therefore we hope we can count on different sponsors to support us.

We are very thankful to all our volunteers, because without them there will not be a Face 2 Face event.

We hope that every player has a beautiful day each year.

Christ, Marc, Berny, Luud, Gert, Herman, Nancy, Cindy